Participation with the boosters is voluntary - but it is strongly encouraged. In fact there is no way the Kingsburg Music program could function at the current level, without the strong support of our parents. Volunteers are needed to build, sew, work concessions and parking lot - at football games, drive trucks, chaperone, haul props, load equipment, feed kids, plan events... and so much more...

Most of our volunteer opportunities are available through the Sign Up Genius account. Just click the link in the list below and it will take you directly to the sign up page for each of our volunteer opportunities.


Current Volunteer Opportunities

Crab Feed Dinner

Crab Feed Dinner Clean Up 03/16/2019
Crab Feed Dinner Ticket Management 03/16/2019
Crab Feed Dinner Decorations 03/16/2019
Crab Feed Dinner Silent Auction 03/16/2019
Crab Feed Dinner Silent Auction Donations 02/15/2019 - 03/16/2019
Crab Feed Dinner Setup 03/15/2019
Crab Feed Dinner Kitchen Help 03/16/2019
Crab Feed Dinner Server Supervisors 03/16/2019
Crab Feed Dinner Student Servers 03/16/2019

CMEA Music Festival Concessions Volunteers

CMEA Music Festival Concessions Volunteers 03/19/2019 - 03/20/2019

Football Parking Lot Attendants


Football Game Half-Time Show Pit Crew


Drive-Thru Dinner


Marching Band Competitions


Kingsburg Viking Classic