FMCMEA Honor Band & Honor Orchestra

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Four Kingsburg High School students were recently accepted into the Fresno-Madera County Honor Band and Honor Orchestra.  From left to right Danny Pendergrass (band), Brianna Linder (band), Lana Drincic (orchestra), and Alyssa Santivanez (orchestra).

Congratulations to all of the students for earning high chair placements in both groups.

Danny Pendergrass 1st Chair Percussion (band)

Brianna Linder 2nd Chair Trumpet (band)

Lana Drincic 1st Chair Clarinet (orchestra)

Alyssa Santivanez 1st Chair Flute (orchestra)

The students in the Fresno-Madera County Honor Band and Honor Orchestra performed at the Paul Shaghoian Concert Hall at Clovis North High School on Jan. 14th.

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